Discover greatness

The multifunctional control panel, dual stereo, and high-fi audio create an immersive atmosphere for your workouts. With 15 preset programs, elevate your fitness routine with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support. Unleash the extraordinary in every step

Feel flawlessly fit.

It comes pre-installed, so forget about the hassle of setup. Simply connect to a power outlet, and you're ready to run. Elevate your convenience and start your fitness journey with ease. Enjoy the freedom of hassle-free setup and focus on what truly matters – your workout.

Run with assurance.

Featuring a red center line for precise stride alignment. The expansive running area ensures safety and comfort, complemented by step-off side rails and a textured, wide, anti-slip, and wear-resistant belt. Enjoy a secure and comfortable workout with every step. Elevate your running experience with precision and confidence

Boost your sprint

FlexiRun Technology. The flexible-layer running board accommodates each step, providing sole decompression for a more flexible and comfortable running experience. With a substantial 140kg load capacity, embrace the freedom to run confidently and comfortably.

Energize your fitness expedition

Equipped with a robust core and a high-power brushless motor, Experience powerful yet silent performance, ensuring every stride propels you toward your fitness goals. Elevate your workouts with strength and serenity combined on one exceptional treadmill.

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